to onoma mou eine guy, ke ime apo tin israil.
an the tha nikisi hi olympiacos, pistevo pou tha minoun isitirya ya to final four.
an kanis echi tetya isetiya, sas parakalo na mou grapsete sth guy_wagner@yahoo.com
an borite na mou grapsete sta anglica, tha ine kalitera, yati then milo ellinica
oso stichisy to isitiryo- tha pliroso.
sas efxaristo poli,

now in english
hello there greek fans,

my name is guy, and i am a macabi fan.
if by chance olympiacos will not win, i would really like to get my hands on ticklets 4 the final 4.
so, if any of you greek fans has such tickets he/she wont be using, i would like to purchase them (i need only 1 ticket, max 2).
please contact me at guy_wagner@yahoo.com , in english.
thanks in advance, and good luck tommorow evening!